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2010 December :: My Story
I would like to dedicate this site to my beloved mother, who had passed away in 2007. Inspired by her courage and strong determination in fighting the sickness and numerous difficulties faced in life, I would like to continue her wish in promoting healthy living and at the same time providing support to anyone who needs a boost in life.

Life needs to have wisdom; mind got to be strong....

December 5, 2010


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Sometimes, you just feel alone… and if you are staying alone, it makes thing worse…

Other than going to work, the rest of the time is just yours. Eat alone, drive alone, think alone and sleep alone. Playing game or slack at home does not really make you feel better.

Here are 10 things you must do to curb the loneliness:

1. Buy your dinner before going back home: you tend to skip the meal or eating instant noodle as it’s a pain to get out of home for dinner alone. You won’t feel good to eat alone in crowded area, and it’s hard to get seat too.

2. Watch tv shows (news channel) or read newspaper: you need to keep up to the latest happening in the world and feel connected. You are not exactly alone in this world, instead there are many people out there need your love and concern.

3. Always keep an ambience light on during night time: darkness makes one feel unsecured.

4. Go for a nature walk: get fresh air and keep in touch with the blue sky, green grass and sea breeze.

5. Plan your time: it may seem unnecessary, however with a simple planning to do list could give you a sense of direction

6. Spend your weekend with friends: you can either arrange a shopping or makan afternoon with friends or even better to invite them to your house for a wii play or cook together session.

7. Learn a new thing a day / do a good deed a day: keep an opening mind with great heart, everyone is inter-connected / inter-related.

8. Share your thoughts and feeling: everything you do or feel is worth recognised, share it on your blog, facebook (social network) or forum etc.

9. Clean and tidy your house at least once a week: a clean environment will help to keep a happier mood.

10. Sleep well: make your day fulfilled, enjoy what you are doing.

December 3, 2010


Filed under: Sharing — 星岑 @ 12:03 am




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